Mountain Air HVAC Service


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When the weather outside is frightful, I am here to keep your  home and business perfectly comfortable. 24-hour emergency service is available to residential and commercial clients to make sure you’re not caught out in the cold. 


Heating RepaiR

If your heating system is not performing optimally or not at all, call Mountain Air! I specialize in heat pump repair and want to make sure you are keeping warm during the cold winter months.  Fixing broken and malfunctioning heating systems is where I hold the most experience! Call me 24/7, I will make sure your home or business is warm and cozy. 


Even if you have had regular maintenance on your heating system, the internal parts will eventually wear out. If your existing system is old enough, you may be looking at repairs and new parts that are just as expensive over a few years as the cost of a new heating system. When you factor in the extra energy usage of an outdated heat pump, you may even be losing money each year you hang on to outdated heating technology. I can work with you and find a solution that will work within your budget and keep your home comfortable during the coldest winter nights.


Keep your heating system safe, reliable & efficient with preventative maintenance . Without proper maintenance, your heating system’s warranty can become void and you will be left covering the cost of replacement parts and labor. 


I maintain, service and replace all propane and natural gas fireplaces.